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We like to think Eventpro is more than just a name. It’s more than a technical production company; Eventpro is a partner that helps you create the most unique and unforgettable experiences. Everything we do is based on our philosophies and values that guide us to an ongoing successful career.


Our high standards of professionalism enable us to deliver projects of superior quality, meeting clients’ objectives in a timely and cost effective manner.


Respect to our customers, partners and employees is essential in building strong, lasting and trusting relationships as well as pivotal to our success as a company.


To be original, to act and think outside the box and provide extraordinary events, is what makes us stand out as pioneers in the event industry.

We always make sure keep our goals and visions clear with everything we do! To be established as the leading event production and audiovisual services company by offering exceptional creative and innovative event solutions is our ultimate goal!

Why us?

If you are hesitant to work with us, let us advice you on how you definitely should:

We have provided clients with professional events production and audiovisual services for over 20 years.

Using the latest technology and a team of experts we provide turnkey tailor made solutions for any event.

We surpass customers’ expectations and enhance their brand value through successful events.

If you are still not convinced, give us a call and we can arrange a meeting to discuss everything that concerns you.

Our Team

Eventpro stands for event professionals, and that’s who we are:

A team of experts committed in delivering best results, driven by our passion for what we do. We know our team is our greatest asset and we are proud to have the best professionals in the field.