How to create a great media wall

How to create a great media wall

Just a simple media wall background right? Nope.  So many things can go wrong, from too many logos to unflattering lighting and misplaced designs. With the potential for so many eyeballs on the finished photos, it’s essential to your event and your sponsors exposure that you do it right.

Put the spotlight on your brand and sponsors

When you’re printing brand logos onto your media wall, double-check and make sure you have the correct file size and format for your media wall’s dimensions. Consider switching resolution formats and keep in mind that the higher file size resolution, the better. And very importantly be sure to check that yours and your sponsor’s logos are correct and current.

Location is everything!

Install the media wall either at the entrance or in a spot that receives a lot of foot traffic to ensure you capture everyone as they enter, or have a spare minute.  Your media backdrop can also be a great centerpiece to signal the entrance of your gala dinner or awards night.

Keep your media wall basic and simple  

The key purpose of any media backdrop or photo wall is to brand your event and provide exposure to your event’s sponsors. Avoid over-loading your media wall’s design with too many logos or repetitions. Less is definitely more! At its most basic design, a solid white background with fewer than 4 brand / sponsor logos repeated is usually best for a media wall.

Make your media backdrop social media friendly

If you’re looking to maximise the engagement in the room, try using an event social media wall which pulls all public social posts using your event hashtag and displays them live on screen after moderation. It’s a brilliant way to get people engaged, start conversation and encourage photo taking and social uploading, extending the longevity of your event and brand messaging.

Style your media wall up

If you want for your media wall to leave a lasting impression, enhance your design with a styled media wall. Fake grass, corrugated iron for an industrial / outback look or fleur screens or any other textural elements like these are definitely worth considering using.

Get prop ready!

Always keeping in mind the purpose and theme of your event, try including some fun props at the media wall. This will help camera-shy people get in character and makes for a unique photo moment. People are also more likely to share photos on social media if they are in character, which amplifies your brand’s exposure online.