5 Top Creative Ideas for Visual Content

5 Top Creative Ideas for Visual Content

Meeting planners use projectors to share slides and visuals with audiences every day, but did you know how many more creative ways can be used to make your event unforgettable?

This article might help you.

 Musical Laser Light Show

Laser light shows are undoubtedly a spectacular addition at musical events. Creating this kind of visual effects consist of creativity, professional technology and expertise. Coordinating audio and visual technologies can really create wonders.

Live Social Media

Get a use out of all everyone’s phone use and make your presentation much more interactive. Dedicate one of your screens to your Facebook page for example so that everybody can see the posts that are being posted using your event’s or company’s hash tag. Invite your audience to share their thoughts and comments.

Use someone to coordinate the posts and prevent any unwanted content.


While others suggest video game stations to exist in your conference area for people to entertain themselves, we make a different suggestion. Include an interactive game show idea in your presentation so that your audience can take part in. This is a very simple yet effective idea that will make your presentation more fun and memorable.

Information Panels

An information panel can be created with projectors to provide guests with updates throughout an event. Easily and unobtrusively share reminders about upcoming sessions, agenda changes, event highlights, and local information such as weather forecasts.

Video Mapping

Probably the most spectacular way to capture your audience’s attention and leave them speechless! This technology allows you to use your venue in the most creative way. Video projections on building or any other 3D surface create a stunning visual content  that elevates every events.